Eddy & The Backfires

Backfire Records artists Eddy & The Backfires are arguably the wildest and hottest act in the German rock ’n‘ roll /rockabilly genre right now! Their own unique sound which is a mixture of authentic rockabilly and modern rock ’n‘ roll in combination with their stage presence sets every audience on fire!

Led by Eddy, the exciting and charismatic front man with a powerful voice, the band has been playing with the current line-up since the year 2015.  With Jared on lead guitar, Patrick on drums and Christian slappin‘ the upright bass the band is more wild and ready to rock since its formation in 1999. After three studio albums and a number of changes in the band’s line-up since its inception, Eddy & The Backfires have recently established a brand new sound and playstyle which can be heard on their current record “ Dead Man Stare„.

Rosis Rockets

Fans of B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Link Wray, The Sonics, Ronnie Dawson, Elvis, The Paladins, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Nick Curran will get a buzz out of seein‘ Rosis Rockets perform.

The drummer of Rosis Rockets is DJ Devil from Dresden who amongst others played the drums for James Intveld on his European Tour, The Lazy Boys and Johnny Falstaff.Double bass player for Rosis Rockets is no other than Guss Brooks who is also well known for playing bass in „The Boss Hoss“.On guitars and vocals we have the trio’s Jack of all trades „The Josh“ who has also played for Eddie Nichols (Royal Crown Review) and Russell Scott.

Rosis Rockets always perform a powerful and energetic live show.Since 2009 with interchanging line-ups led by their frontman „The Josh“ Rosis Rockets have been preaching Blues, Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly.Formerly being the house band for Rosis Amüsierlokal in Dresden the trio started out with their infamous jam sessions and have also accompanied well known musicians on Tour.And now that „The Boss Hoss“ are taking a break they can finally go on tour themselves to show what „Ol‘ Rockin‘ Blues“ can do for your soul.You can buy their current album “ Goin‘ Down Shouth“ here.

JR and his blue train

In January 2013 singer Jan and bassist Christian met for domestic jam sessions,where they played mainly Johnny Cash titles. It quickly became clear that this must be more.Then Marius was brought into the boat for the electric guitar and Philipp for the drums. JR & his bluetrain played on the title of Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Three. Meanwhile, they also play music from other country and rock n roll musicians and especially their own titles.At the end of 2015 JR & his blue train released their first CD ‚Guilty as charged‚, which also contains their own songs. The band has finished the work on their first EP, which exclusively contains their own songs in autumn 2016.The Busted EP was released on Backfire Records in March 2017.JR & his blue train have a special focus on the proximity to the audience and offer not only good music but ample entertainment, in the sense of Johnny Cash. Country or Rock’n’Roll:‚The train kept a rollin‘ ‚.

Ball ’n‚ Chain

Means to be bound as much as.It does not matter whether the musicians are tied to the music of the 50s or the audience to the musicians.One thing is certain, the three musicians have fun and joy of well-played rockabilly music.Ball ’n‘ Chain with Marc on vocals & contrabass, Patrick on drums and Stefan on the guitar, do not just master their instruments, but also the multi-voice singing invites for dancing and singing.Since 2007, Ball ’n‘ Chain have played at major festivals but also in small clubs and it is a pleasure to find the musicians in the middle of their audience.Ball ’n‘ Chain has been an integral part of Backfire Records since 2017.

Buy their CD ‚Radio BNC‘ here.